Music Lessons


Private Music Lessons

20 years of teaching experience with all ages - now accepting new students!

In Person or Online (FaceTime, Skype & Zoom) - Practical, Healthy Harp Technique - Music Theory - Arranging - Improvisation - Trad Celtic Styles - Ear Training - Developing your Creativity - Beginning & Intermediate Piano Skills - Songwriting/Composition - Playing in Sessions - Singing with your Instrument - Building a Repertoire - Performance


$1 per minute. 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute lessons available. Venmo, PayPal and SquareCash accepted. In-person students may also pay in cash. Online and in-person lessons are charged at the same rate. Regular students must commit to a minimum of 90 minutes worth of lessons per month in order to remain on the lesson schedule. Weekly lessons of 30 minutes or more are highly recommended in order to get the most out of your harp instruction. Kids do very well with 30 minute lessons weekly, and teens and adults benefit more from 45 or 60 minute sessions.

Lever/Celtic Harp & Double Harp

No prior musical experience necessary. Suitable for kids and adults - Harpists of all levels! In-person lessons available in New Orleans, Louisiana, throughout the year, & Santa Cruz, California, during certain parts of the summer (it varies each year) and during Harp Festival season. Partial scholarships sometimes available for New Orleans natives - email to inquire. 

Pedal Harp for Singer/Songwriters

I also teach pedal harp for singer/songwriters, not classical pedal harp. If you are looking for a predominantly classical harp teacher, I will refer you to some great teachers. While I do teach some classical music in my lessons, and I own a pedal harp, my technique is predominantly for lower-tension harps like lever harp, double harp, and cross-strung harp. If you are mainly interested in pursuing classical music, it's best to get lessons with a strictly classical teacher. However, if you have a pedal harp and want to learn music theory, how to write songs on harp, sing and play with your pedal harp, play pop, rock or folk music, or just learn how to use the pedals, I'm the teacher for you! 

Video Chat/Online Lessons

Long distance lessons available year round - flexible times! Don't like dragging your harp to lessons? Now you don't have to! All you need to get started is your computer, iPad or smartphone, and your instrument. (FaceTime/Skype lessons work best for teens and adults, and for kids who are particularly good at focusing. In-person lessons are usually better for kids under 10 years old.)


Piano Lessons & Ensemble Coaching

Coaching for Ensembles/Bands also available, as well as introductory piano for all ages, music theory and creative arranging for songwriters, and practical music theory for Celtic musicians who want to learn to play chords by ear in sessions. 

Finding a Harp

Interested in playing the harp, but need advice on purchasing a suitable instrument for your budget and needs? Email me, and I will be glad to help!

Re-Stringing Your Harp

Sometimes re-stringing your harp can be a pain. I re-string lever harps for students on occasion - $75 for a lap harp (for example, a pixie harp), $100 for small harp (like a Harpsicle, Dusty Strings Allegro or Ravenna 26), $125 for a larger harp (32-38 string harps). I like to hold onto the harp for a few days and tune it multiple times a day, so that it will hold tune a bit faster when returned to the owner. You must provide a new set of strings, suitable for your harp. 

Music Camp in the California Redwoods!

Music Camp in the California Redwoods!