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Jesse Autumn is a musician and artist based in New Orleans. She sings and plays concert harp, piano, accordion and harpsichord, and is one of the foremost American performers of the double harp, an unusual type of harp with two parallel sets of strings. She's a singer/songwriter in the genre of surrealist chamber folk, composes instrumental minimalist music, and arranges world music for double harp and large harp ensembles. She has released two CD’s of original music, with string arrangements by Grammy-winning producer/cellist Barry Phillips; three albums of world music for double harp and trad folk instruments, and an experimental album of 31 small compositions. She has appeared on over twenty additional albums as a guest artist. Her original music has been used in documentary films, as well as contemporary dance performances in Greece, Finland, Mexico and the United States. She has been teaching harp since 1999, has been the faculty harp and piano instructor for the Community Music School Redwood Music Camps since 2001, and has been artistic director for the Santa Cruz Harp Festival since 2003. She lives and works in New Orleans year-round, travels to perform and teach at music camps, and teaches harp online to students around the USA.

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